Locally and Family Owned

Since the founding in the 1980s our company has been family owned and operated. Founder Jack LaCarte believed in good, old fashioned family values, and that tradition continues today through his five sons John, Mike, Dave, Joe, and Dan. Not only are the owners family but it’s also fairly common to find brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, cousins, or aunts and uncles working as part of the greater company-family. We’re proud to now have over 300 wonderful family members across Pennsylvania, West Viginia, and Ohio, many of whom have been with the company for over twenty years.

Tri-State area for Over 30 years

Buying local keeps the local economy strong. Don’t send your dollars out of state to a big chain that doesn’t care about what happens here in our community. We were born here, we were raised here, and we are raising our children here, we care about our community and it’s future, both economically and environmentally.

Environmentally Responsible

Our maintenance program is the most environmentally responsible way to care for your FR apparel. Washing items at home, a laundromat, or at a hotel releases chemicals, grease, and grime into machines and drainage systems that are not engineered to handle such particles. Our systems responsibly dispose of hazardous waste.

Join our Family

Through our dedicated service, we hope you’ll feel like part of the family too.